Sunday, September 21, 2014

Again this week just scribbles but at least I filled some pages. I’m far behind my schedule. Still filling sketchbook #6 and #7 … but I definately want to reach my goal of 12 sketchbooks this year… so one again I have to put more effort into it >_< 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Suuuundayy uuupload tiiime!!

So, beautiful L. asked me to draw her. I’m not satisfied. I tend to use mixed media when I’m insecure… Memo to myself: stop doing that!! :’)

I also was able to draw a woman at a bakery. She was always looking in my direction, I think she knew I was watching her. My bf told me that I’m always looking like a total creep while drawing people in public places xD Thank you for that!

I like drawing with pen+watercolor the most. Since I can’t erase the lines anyway I draw with a different feeling.. without pressure and totally okay with mistakes. That’s nice :) I want to stop chasing perfection and just do what I like.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

So it’s Sunday already. I had a lot of excuses to avoid drawing… but at least I managed to draw this one. Next week has to be more productive!

Do you want me to draw you? Contact me here:
Since it’s for practice only, you’ll get a digital copy for free!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to Art

Dear followers

thank you for not leaving me while I was struggling with art block!!

The last month was very critical on multiple levels and a timeout was really the best way to deal with it. On some points I was able to reinvent myself and now I feel stronger than before. So strong that I’m finally able to fight the art block!

For that I will change some habits:

  • From now on I will upload on tumblr every sunday!
  • Daily snapshots of my WIPs and everyday life on Instagram.
  • I would like to draw portraits of YOU! Since it’s for practice only, you’ll get a digital copy for free!
    If you’re interested contact me here:

See you again on Sunday! :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Art block of doom

Although I really tried these last few days it still seems I’m suffering an huge art block. This is very discouraging… 

But I don’t want to force myself too much, I’ll just try to give me a few more days to relax. Sometimes an artblock is just time you need to process all you’ve learned so far.
I’m hoping for a powerful und very creative comeback!
Please be patient with me! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014
I haven&#8217;t been drawing for two weeks and I&#8217;m SO rusty. Yesterday I started drawing Hurley and wanted to finish him today&#8230; but I lost all interest in this portrait&#8230; but well&#8230; whatever :D

I haven’t been drawing for two weeks and I’m SO rusty. Yesterday I started drawing Hurley and wanted to finish him today… but I lost all interest in this portrait… but well… whatever :D

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#bluebird #birds #watercolor #aquarelle #ilovebirds #sketchbook #dailyart #dailysketch #animals #sketchoftheday #artstudy #artoninstagram

#bluebird #birds #watercolor #aquarelle #ilovebirds #sketchbook #dailyart #dailysketch #animals #sketchoftheday #artstudy #artoninstagram